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3722 32 red roulette-BR5HS Nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference BOS7902 DEN3033 AUT425 BR5HS 3722 W16FSR WR8AC+

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3722 32 red roulette-BR5HS Nickel Spark Plug

How to Removing Old Spark Plugs

Let the engine cool before removing your spark plugs. If you've been running the car for a while, the plugs and the entire engine and exhaust system manifold can get extremely hot. Only remove them when the engine is cool enough to touch. In the mean time, assemble your tools while you wait for your engine to cool. To change your spark plugs, you'll need:

· A ratchet socket drive wrench

· An extension bar

· Spark plug socket, usually included in most ratchet socket sets

· A spark gap gauge or feeler gauge, available at any auto parts store

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