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4549 dafabet apk login-CR7HSA Nickel Nickel Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference CR7HSA 4194 10FR-4AU Z199 0242055501 UR09AC UR5 1541 NAR14YC P-RZ7HC

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4549 dafabet apk login-CR7HSA Nickel Spark Plug


Thread SizeM10*1.0

Reach  12.7mm 

Hex Size  16 mm

Resistor  Yes

Center Electrode Material  Nickel

Ground Electrode Material  Nickel

Cross Reference

CR7HSA ║ 4194  10FR-4AU  Z199  0242055501  UR09AC  UR5  1541 NAR14YC  P-RZ7HC

Installation OF JHY-CPR6EB-9 SPARK PLUGS             

                All Brisk Spark Plugs are pre-gapped in the factory but it is crucial that you verify that gap specifications are met for your particular application so using the spark plug gap gauge, check the gap between the ground and center electrodes to ensure that the gap is correct.  You always want to perform this task before installation unless specifically advised not to by the manufacturer.  Always follow the recommendations of the spark plug manufacturer.  Before installing the new spark plugs, apply a thin layer of spark plug anti-seize to the threads of the new spark plug.  This will ensure a smooth thread installation and easy removal on your next spark plug replacement.   You want to also apply a small amount of spark plug dielectric grease to the porcelain insulator head.  This will ensure an air-tight seal between the boot or wire and the new spark plug and also prepare for an easy boot or wire removal during your next replacement.  Thread one of the new spark plugs into the spark plug hole tightening it until you can no longer turn it with your fingers.  Using a short piece of “snug-fitting” rubber hose can greatly assist you with the hand tightening process and will also prevent thread damage due to “cross-threading.”  Then using the spark plug torque wrench, tighten the plug to the specification listed by the service manual or manufacturer.  Be sure you do not over-tighten the spark plug during installation.  

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